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Military Resumes Guide

Competition for jobs in the civilian sector is at an all-time high. And while military candidates are appealing, you have to differentiate yourself by presenting your experience, skills, traits and achievements clearly and compellingly.

The team at SOAR has partnered with HelpMeSellMe to work with you to identify your unique capabilities and attributes, your “value proposition”, and ensure you are delivering them effectively. With innovative, attention-getting materials you will stand apart from the competition and move more quickly to the job you want.

Choose the service that meets your needs
Resume Review

Receive at least five specific customized suggestions you can implement right away to make your resume stand apart.

Credited back if you choose a Power Resume Rewrite
Resume Rewrite
A rewrite of your resume to showcase your experience, skills and traits more clearly and compellingly, getting you the attention you deserve and positioning you as a lead candidate.
Power Resume Rewrite
Personal Branding
A rewrite of your resume, focusing on your essential value proposition and professional brand attributes, differentiating you in the marketplace and positioning you for the highest possible job and compensation, plus a Biografic and a consultation on your web-based profiles.
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Go beyond a traditional resume and showcase your skills and achievements in the revolutionary BiograficTM, developed and designed for transitioning and former military professionals.

With its revolutionary approach to presenting your career history, capabilities and achievements, the BiograficTM uses graphics AND text to showcase your military and professional accomplishments, as well as your leadership and emotional intelligence. The professional design shows employers that you are innovative, fresh and current – all highly-desired traits in today’s competitive job market.


For those of you that choose to draft your own resume be sure to read and review our Resume Guide to get a better understanding of the the ideal format and avoid common resume mistakes. The team at SOAR has seen thousands of military resumes and understands which ones stand out from the masses.

You should update your military resume at least every two years even if you are happily employed or not exiting active duty for some time. We recommend this practice because it forces you to document your accomplishments and quantify your results.

Keep in mind that most hiring managers spend less than two minutes reading a resume before conducting an interview. While your resume is a key tool in your career search, you should not spend hours on end preparing it. The tips and samples we provide should help you develop a concise, articulate document representative of your past performance and future potential.

Please download the appropriate military resumes in sample format.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download a free copy by clicking the icon.














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