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A Company Dedicated to Providing American Business With its Future Leaders(TM) Tuesday December 12, 2017

Reading List

Much like Professional Military Education, the business community expects its leaders to be well read with respect to current trends. Listed below you will find links to purchase some books that we recommend.

First and foremost, you should read our Transition Guide for tips on interviewing, industry specific questions, and interview etiquette. You should also subscribe to business periodicals such as Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal as they are the most up to date resource for the business community.

CAUTION: Interviewers do NOT want to hear about interview preparation books (Career Information section below) that you have read. While this type of reading is critical to your transition preparation, you should never reference these books in an interview. The interviewers will question your sincerity and begin to wonder whether or not you are telling them what they want to hear vice your real world experiences.

Your readings should focus on your targeted industry. Our list is broken down into several groupings to help you focus on specific opportunities. If you are unsure as to what type of work will be most appealing to you, we suggest that you sample titles from each section and discuss your findings with your SOAR representative.



General Business, Leadership

Career Information

Sales & Marketing

Operations, Customer Service

Manufacturing, Engineering, & Process Improvement


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