Exceed Expectations

Since 2003, SOAR Consulting has stood out among recruiting firms with a focus on five core intangibles: leadership, teamwork, discipline, integrity, and work ethic. Our commitment to both clients and candidates allows us to focus on meeting employers’ strategic talent initiatives while exceeding client and candidate expectations.



We built our reputation as an outstanding JMO recruiting firm with a focus on career placement of military officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted technicians exiting the service. While we hold true to our core goals and principles, we have expanded our offerings to specialize in placing highly qualified industry-experienced professionals with companies across the nation. Today, we also work with professionals seeking mid- to upper-level leadership roles in their industries, including director, executive and vice president positions.

Strategic Partnerships

Our approach starts with strong relationships. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked directly with executive and military candidates, built relationships with base commanders and industry-experienced professionals, and made the connections that allow us to match our clients with highly-qualified individual candidates. At SOAR Consulting, building resilient professional networks and pursuing military (veteran) employment provides a strong foundation for the one-on-one company and candidate connections that allow our clients to achieve their business goals.

Expertise and Diversity

Our cohesive talent acquisition team brings diverse background knowledge and years of experience to the job, giving SOAR Consulting a unique ability to connect with highly qualified, experienced candidates. Through mentorship and one-on-one connections, we assist corporate and military leaders in a successful career transition. By working personally with each candidate and client corporation, we identify the best career opportunities for transitioning military and industry-experienced professionals. Ultimately, we recommend a match to help companies achieve their business goals.


SOAR has an extensive knowledge of the positions for which we recommend experienced candidates, including, but not limited to:

  • Senior Leadership Roles (CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Regional Managers, General Managers, Plant Managers)
  • Operational Leadership Roles (Maintenance Managers, Manufacturing Supervisors, Production Supervisors)
  • Electronic, Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians
  • Engineers (including Field Service Engineers)
  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Logistical/Supply Chain Operators
  • Project Managers

Our Process

We start building our relationship with you through a proven five-step process:

  1. Company Alignment Meeting: We seek to understand your business philosophy, culture and strategic objectives.
  2. Determination of Talent Needs: We examine your culture and objectives to identify which capabilities you require.
  3. Review and Enhance Job Requirements: We analyze and revise job specifications to clarify the essential capabilities required and identify top candidates with these skills.
  4. Strategic Partnership in Talent Acquisition: Our team of recruiting professionals works with you to create a strategic plan to recruit and retain the best available talent for your organization.
  5. Execution: We deliver pre-screened, qualified candidates with an interest in your company and the position.

Once we have identified your requirements, we search for the candidates who will support your company’s pursuit of its goals. We’re committed to connecting our clients to the best available talent to help them achieve their business objectives.

Our Value Proposition

To be the best professional recruiting firm in the country as measured by our clients, talent relationships and effectiveness for our clients as measured by growth and return on investment.

Take the next step. Find the right people.

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