Expand Your Reach

SOAR Consulting’s recruiters dedicate ourselves to connecting American businesses to their future leaders. Leadership demands teamwork, discipline, integrity and work ethic: the core intangibles our client companies can expect to see in every candidate we recommend. By working closely with industry-experienced professionals and transitioning military service members, and focusing on the specific needs of the clients we serve, SOAR Consulting seeks to exceed expectations every time.

Revolutionary Recruiting. Revolutionary Results.

We began our work in 2003 as military transition recruiters by implementing an unprecedented recruiting process. By building relationships with military base commanders and Transition GPS programs, we positioned ourselves to make personal connections with exiting service members, allowing us to focus on individual matches between qualified, disciplined candidates and the clients we serve. We care about the success of our candidates and clients. Our firm mentors talent throughout the transition process, continuing to build a referral network worldwide. 

Today, this rigorous, personal approach to recruiting allows us to match industry-experienced leadership talent with employers seeking experienced managers, directors and vice president candidates. By working one on one with our clients, we gain a thorough understanding of your needs, allowing us to recommend candidates with the skills and leadership potential you need to reach your business goals.

See the Difference Integrity Makes

The managers, technical professionals and executive leadership candidates with whom we connect share a unique set of skills, including:

  • Front-Line Leadership: We connect client companies with candidates who offer real-world leadership experience with their ability to address tough challenges in diverse environments.
  • Exceptional Ethical and Moral Standards: Candidates’ commitment to an ethical vision is not merely a learned skill, but a core value.
  • Teamwork: Work with candidates who contribute to their teams to reach a clearly defined goal.
  • Hands-On Technical Experience: The engineers and technicians we place display high technical proficiency in the latest technology, operating systems, and field use or desktop applications.
  • A Strong Work Ethic: Our recruiters prize work ethic, and mentor candidates who share our values, focusing on the importance of the goal and thorough attention to the task at hand.
  • Diversity: In a rapidly-changing world, diverse candidates offer unique perspectives based on diverse backgrounds and cultivate the sense of curiosity and tolerance required to integrate well into diverse environments.
  • Realistic Earnings Expectations: Our candidates focus on their career growth and contribution to a greater vision, not merely the starting salary.

Our work as leadership and military recruiters taught us the value of these skills and the ethics that motivate them. Our clients’ satisfaction reinforces that value every day.

Our commitment to exceptional industry-experienced leadership and military recruiting, based on our core principles, allows us to exceed expectations and recommend exceptional candidates.