Climb the Ranks

While professional job placement agencies abound, not all of them specialize in placing industry-experienced leadership candidates or former military members. At SOAR Consulting, we do both.

Choose Integrity. Choose SOAR.

SOAR Consulting specializes in delivering experienced leadership talent into director, regional manager and vice president roles nationwide. We mentor both industry-experienced professionals and transitioning military service members to develop their career vision and connect them with some of America’s fastest-growing companies.

To this end, we focus on candidates who possess five core intangibles:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Work Ethic

Our recruiters don’t merely seek these five core intangibles – we also work and live by them. We build stronger candidate-employer connections through one simple commitment: to work individually with each candidate, helping you find the best industry leadership or military transition jobs for:

  • Senior Leadership Roles (CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Regional Managers, General Managers, Plant Managers)
  • Operational Leadership Roles (Maintenance Managers, Manufacturing Supervisors, Production Supervisors)
  • Electronic, Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians
  • Engineers (including Field Service Engineers)
  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Logistical/Supply Chain Operators
  • Project Managers

Our in-depth knowledge of these fields allows us to connect you with executive leadership and skilled professional job openings that utilize your abilities, match your work ethic and approach, and offer the compensation and growth opportunities you desire.

Our Process

Everyone on the SOAR team has first-hand experiences with the challenges you now face. We know finding job opportunities for ex-military members and leadership positions can seem daunting, and we will never send you out unprepared.

Instead, we begin the process by developing a Personal Candidate Profile based on the following steps:

  1. Determining your transferable skill sets
  2. Discussing your desired corporate culture or environment
  3. Refining your preferred geographic areas of opportunity
  4. Reviewing your income potential
  5. Addressing any developmental obstacle you face
  6. Review and enhance resumes
  7. Establishing a timeline for your job search

Throughout the process, we ensure: you are prepared for each interview; you interview only for positions that truly interest you; and you maximize your use of resources to find your next leadership position, military technician job, military transition job or civilian career opportunity.

Value-Added Benefits

Here’s what you can expect from SOAR Consulting:

  • Open Communication: We’ll speak frankly, offer constructive feedback and respond promptly to your calls and emails.
  • Best Effort: We’ll seek your next career opportunity to the best of our ability, based on the Personal Candidate Profile you’ve helped us to build.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We don’t just look for candidates who possess our five core intangibles – we hold ourselves to the same standard.

During your job search process, we mentor and consult with you to help you connect with the best available job for you. Once you’re hired, our commitment to your career growth continues. We stay in touch, and we’re always available to answer questions, to share knowledge and perspective, and to sustain our support of your development and your professional network.

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