Rise to the Occasion

At SOAR Consulting, we base our recruiting efforts on identifying talent with five core intangibles: leadership, teamwork, discipline, integrity and work ethic. We hold ourselves to this standard, and we seek industry-experienced professionals, engineers and technical specialists, and transitioning military who place these values at the center of their work.

Real Mentorship, Real Results

When we began connecting junior military officers and enlisted technicians to the best jobs for transitioning military in 2003, we employed a revolutionary approach: individual mentorship and connection with each transitioning service member we assisted. Today, we use this approach not only with veterans and service members, but also with experienced managers and leadership candidates.

Job seekers who find SOAR Consulting a good fit include:

  • Senior Leadership Opportunities: We work with experienced individuals looking for CEO, director, regional manager, operational manager and vice president roles within their industries, as well as with companies that rely on experienced, driven leadership to reach their goals.
  • Technical and Engineering Specialists: Up-to-date technical and engineering skills are highly prized among America’s top companies. Many of our candidates develop these skills in the military or in other settings, then engage them on cutting-edge challenges with top employers.
  • Managerial and Supervisory Candidates: Every effective team has a leader with an eye on the final goal and the skills to communicate and teach that vision. We connect with candidates who possess these skills and introduce them to the companies and teams that will help them develop their leadership abilities.

We focus on connecting clients with the best available talent and leadership jobs (and retired veteran jobs). Throughout the process, we rely on open, honest communication and a commitment to integrity. By working one on one both with candidates and client companies, our recruiters can keep the best interests of both parties in mind.

Expect Integrity

Whether you’re seeking an industry-leadership position or exploring available jobs for transitioning military officers, the recruiters at SOAR Consulting are dedicated to serving your best interests and connecting you with some of the fastest-growing companies in America.